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Make that joyful noise…

Nowadays, it is much more easier and cheaper to put together a music studio compared to the 90’s, at least. Here is a partial view to my rig. One thing that cannot be stressed enough is “get yourself some good monitors”. They may cost more than some tiny tweeters, but you will notice the difference. … Continue reading

It is spring and a time to swap for a new car

Got bored with old car. So I just went to a dealer and bought new one. Well I had to wait for 2 months before it was shipped here. It is filled with latest technology and gear. Actually, it is so connected to my smartphones that I think it is more like an accessory to … Continue reading

Phutureprimitive – Kinetik

I am not sure if I can find enough superlatives, when I try to describe Phutureprimitive (http://www.phutureprimitive.com). I am quite glad that I found this artist – and I must emphasise the word, artist. I happened to watch a video interview where the man explained his ideas and background, all the while his music was … Continue reading

Soylent Green is people!

During the past six months Europe has been riddled with scandals concerning food. At an alarming pace, authorities have discovered that origin and type of ingredients have been falsified. Last autumn there was a case where pork had been coloured and then sold as beef. There was also a case where decades old canned (best … Continue reading

Future of Health Monitoring and Diagnosis

To be a bit of a provocateur, I start by saying that current medical science does not differ that much of medieval. This is based on my experiences while working within medical research. I am not a MD, but data scientist, bioinformatician, mathematician and computer scientist. From my point of view, medical science seems mostly … Continue reading

Camel Audio offers 2 for 1

Camel Audio (http://www.camelaudio.com) has a nice sale going. All Alchemy synth Sound Libraries are on sale – buy one and get one free. So, if you are missing some libraries, this is a good opportunity to save some bucks. I myself have been very pleased with Alchemy. It has lots of interesting sounds and tweaking … Continue reading

Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 9

Although there were all kinds of rumours around, it seems my prediction was correct. Well, it was actually a no-brainer. When Native Instruments put their Komplete 8 collections on sale, it was quite obvious that a new edition is coming. That new edition, Komplete 9 was launched today for pre-order. I myself consider the basic … Continue reading

10 PRINT CHR – One line of code generates one book

Can you write a book which has its basis on just one line of BASIC code? It seems you can, and it can also be very entertaining. Such book is 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10. Yes, that is the actual name of the book. Book is available on http://10print.org under Creative Commons, and printed … Continue reading

Life, universe and re-evaluating everything

Every now and then, one really has think what I am doing. Not just concerning the work but everything. While you are too busy with your work, it can happen that some important things just slip past. One day you may notice that along the road you have lost the real you, real self, somewhere. … Continue reading

Almost done

So, I have been quiet for several months. You may wonder why. Well, I have been extremely busy expanding and restructuring the code for diagnostic software. It is based on what I did in my previous project, but expanded into a much larger scope. It involves large scale medical data acquisition from tens of thousands … Continue reading

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