Is Ubuntu 12.04 ready or not?

Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin was released couple of weeks ago. As usual, I never jump and upgrade my computers immediatelly, but wait for awhile if there is somekind of general problem. Having so much experience with Linux upgrades, I know that the probability of annoying surprises rises astronomically while upgrading from version to another. And we should keep this old saying in our minds – “If it is not broken, do not fix it”. In this case it means: Do not upgrade, if your installation works fine and there is no immediate advantage gained by upgrading.

This time my desktop upgrade went smoothly. My desktop is virtualized, so even if something went wrong, I can always restore a cloned drive, and continue. But my physical servers are a different matter. So, before I do anything on production servers, I always test upgrade on some redundant server. If something goes wrong, it does not matter.

Since 12.04 is a LTS version, and I have certain plans that make this upgrade a necessity. I thought I try to upgrade those servers that run on 10.04. Long story in short – upgrade on a test server was a minor fiasco. Everything started quite OK, but at the end of upgrade there was literally a rain of errors. There were lots of problems with dozens of packages. Upgrade went through, however, and server booted up normally. But after logging in there was a lots of alerts and crash reports. And even the crash report notifications behaved like somekind of virus. You just could not cancel reports, they just poured on regardless of cancelation.

So I am really reluctant to even try upgrading my production servers. I will just leave them as they are. There is nothing wrong in them and they are supported to 2015 anyway. By that time they will not be my problem anymore.


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