Android software: Text and Publishing

Android Market is full of applications. Some of the are totally useless, but there are many very useful applications. Of course I would not write a full blog posting or article on a small handset – at least I prefer to have keyboard for that – but these applications help to write notes, outlines for article, ideas, and organize them.

If you happen to have WordPress blog, then this is an obligatory application in your arsenal. You can write, edit and update your blog content on the go, and also monitor comments, statistics etc.

3Banana Notes
Very handy application to make notes, and either store them on phone or immediately share them. Notes cover text, links, snapshots, pictures, barcodes etc. When you are browsing news and see something interesting, you can store the link by sharing it, and choosing 3Banana for target.

Evernote is another “electronic memory” application. This can be used on PC, Android, Windows Mobile etc. However, in Evernote, you store your stuff on Evernote’s server, and then access from any other computer. You have register and create an account, of course. Basic level account is free. Quite interesting feature in Evernote is the email-feature. You get an email address, and anything you send to that address will be added to your notes.

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