It is spring and a time to swap for a new car

Got bored with old car. So I just went to a dealer and bought new one. Well I had to wait for 2 months before it was shipped here. It is filled with latest technology and gear. Actually, it is so connected to my smartphones that I think it is more like an accessory to … Continue reading

Do Apple users have relationship with their devices?

I just read an article where former Apple employee Bob Borchers tells about processes involved in developing the iPhone. Nothing new in itself except one line raised my attention. It described how company focused on fundamentals and especially “making people focus on the relationship they have with their devices”. Okay, so iPhone users have a … Continue reading

FXI Cotton Candy – Android in USB Stick

FXI, a Norwegian company is issuing an USB stick sized minicomputer called Cotton Candy, which has Android and Ubuntu installed in it. Allow me to make this very clear – it is NOT an ordinary USB memory stick with a live disc image. This stick has CPU and GPU built in. WiFi, Bluetooth, microSD slot, … Continue reading

Have an Android or Linux on your wrist

For several times I have posted about wristwatches, that connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth technology. They are quite handy things, since you can check your email or see who is calling without digging out the phone from your pocket. Believe me, it is very practical in many situations and also very discreet. But these … Continue reading

Evolution of user interface and how our life depends on this

Just when we thought that touchscreen is a pinnacle of user interface technology, there are already new technologies emerging and taking its place as a preferred way to interact with computers and other electronic equipment. Actually, we can trace back this to video game consoles like Nintendo Wii. It was a first widely spread device … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Series: Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset

I got this fancy gadget couple of days ago, and I am quite pleased with it. It goes quite well with Samsung Galaxy Tab. So what is it. Is it a handsfree? Not exactly. Is is a phone? No, it is a Bluetooth headset that looks like a pen. It has a clip just like … Continue reading

Sony LiveView – now it actually works!

I got Sony LiveView almost an year ago, but discontinued using after couple of weeks. There were just too many problems with it, then. Firmware was so buggy, that it kept dropping Bluetooth connection all the time. Also, there were not that many applications available. During spring 2011 there was a firmware update available, which … Continue reading

RIP – Rest in pieces

No, I am not going join the millions and writing an obituary of You-know-who (and I am not referring to Lord Voldemort). I just had to report that my trusty notifier gadget, Sony Ericsson MBW-150 retired today. Its OLED display seems to have reached end of service date. It is getting so dim, that it … Continue reading

Ownership of bluetooth-watchmaker acquired in Finland

Fossil has sold their Meta Watch brand to Finnish entrepreneurs. Meta Watches use bluetooth connection to communicate with bluetooth enabled smartphone or computer. I have used Sony Ericsson MBW-150 for years and also programmed applications for it. Watches of this kind are quite handy gadgets, since you can see you emails and other communication details. … Continue reading

Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad with Linux

Fancy having Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, but you are using Linux. If you happen to use Ubuntu 11.04 then you are in luck – they both work practically out of the box. Magic Mouse works without any tinkering at all, and all you have to do is to pair. Ubuntu 11.04 recognizes it … Continue reading

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