Facebook update brings serious security problems

Quite soon Facebook will release an interesting update that I see as a security problem. It is optional, but probably many absent-minded users will use it anyway. Idea is that you can designate up to five of your Facebook friends a power to “unlock” your account if you happen to forget your password. In such … Continue reading

PCI ExpressCard troubles in Ubuntu Natty 64 bit

Having troubles to get hotplugging work with PCI ExpressCards in Ubuntu Natty? I did too, but not anymore. Assuming that the card actually works (you can test this by rebooting your machine while expresscard is inserted in), it is quite easy to fix it. No kernel compile is necessary. Here is how I solved the … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S I9000, Android 2.3.3 and USB tethering on Ubuntu

I have already written about this on Tethering page for Galaxy, but I guess I have to repeat it here. If you upgrade Samsung Galaxy S I9000 with Android 2.3.3, then be warned that USB tethering does not work with Ubuntu. You will get bad CDC descriptors errors, and usb0 network connection is not activated. … Continue reading

Ubuntu and NVidia drivers

Although Linux is nowadays quite reliable, sometimes it happens that something does not work. I had some trouble with NVidia drivers which has not happened for ages. I have come to trust on NVidia GeForce and usually prefer that over ATI. For years it has been so simple to install proprietary drivers in Ubuntu. But … Continue reading

With Linux nothing is impossible. Impossible only takes a bit longer than usual

I have been quite busy while perfecting our database and information system. It has been a wonderful experience showing that when you know Linux in and out, nothing seems to be impossible. Latest problem was that the label stickers we use on tubes for blood samples were not good enough (meaning that they did not … Continue reading

LG 47LH3000 TV, USB hack using Nokia N900

I hacked successfully LG LH3000 series TV using Nokia N900 and Irreco remote controller emulator. I discovered that one of the downloadable remotes is Service remote, which gives you access to EZ_ADJUST menus. And presto, USB, video and music features were activated. Detailed description in new Hacks section.

iPhone survival kit

For several days I have read these reports of poor iPhone users who seem to lose phone connection, if they handle their phones wrong way. If you keep the phone in your left hand, then you might lose the signal totally. This, of course, is so humiliating plus both mentally and physically traumatizing, that class … Continue reading

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