Ice Cream Sandwich melts in summer heat

I just recently updated Samsung Galaxy S II with official release of Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, I am not completely satisfied with it. Main reason is that it sucks the battery like a thirsty man during summer heat. Ooops, and the bottle is empty before you even understand what happened. Previously, Galaxy S II needed … Continue reading

Is Ubuntu 12.04 ready or not?

Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin was released couple of weeks ago. As usual, I never jump and upgrade my computers immediatelly, but wait for awhile if there is somekind of general problem. Having so much experience with Linux upgrades, I know that the probability of annoying surprises rises astronomically while upgrading from version to another. And … Continue reading

Good Old Games, Good Old Times

Me, myself and I happen to be one of those “old-timers” who think that all the best computer games were made before year 2000 – and usually on machines that kids do not even recognize. Same applies also on roleplaying games, but that’s another story. Current consumer market seems to be such that a shelf … Continue reading

MacBook Pro… or is it MacBook Amateur

To continue my rant on MacBook troubles, I would like to mention that during Tuesday, when I wrote about those problems, my MacBook actually crashed 6 times in total. It seems that there is something wrong in the systems that handle and control Thunderbolt interface. These are the symptoms that I have experienced so far: … Continue reading

MacBook Pro, OS X – what a piece of overpriced crap!

Last autumn I was given new tools to do my development and research. So this is what I am using now: – 17″ MacBook Pro with 8 GB of memory and upgraded Intel i7 – 2x 27″ Thunderbolt displays – Promise Pegasus RAID (4 TB) Someone may think that “hey, what a lucky guy!”. Instead, … Continue reading

VirtualBox, OS X and upgrading Ubuntu guest from 11.04 to 11.10

For some time now I have been working on a shiny new MacBook Pro. Before I got it I had already made a decision to leave OS X on it and continue my research and development on Linux virtual machine. I just made an exact disk image of the disk in my Linux laptop, transformed … Continue reading

FXI Cotton Candy – Android in USB Stick

FXI, a Norwegian company is issuing an USB stick sized minicomputer called Cotton Candy, which has Android and Ubuntu installed in it. Allow me to make this very clear – it is NOT an ordinary USB memory stick with a live disc image. This stick has CPU and GPU built in. WiFi, Bluetooth, microSD slot, … Continue reading

Have an Android or Linux on your wrist

For several times I have posted about wristwatches, that connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth technology. They are quite handy things, since you can check your email or see who is calling without digging out the phone from your pocket. Believe me, it is very practical in many situations and also very discreet. But these … Continue reading

Ubuntu upgrade troubles

Finally I had time to upgrade couple of machines from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10. I usually postpone these upgrades anyway, since it is always possible that there is some fundamental problem. If all forums and news feeds are quiet on this matter, then I assume that upgrade is basically safe. But long experience on several … Continue reading

Sudden drop of IQ among CEOs

I do not know if those satellites have plummeted from skies and bonked couple of CEOs, but during last days we have heard some really stupid comments. First Steve Ballmer cried out that Android is for computer scientist only. Either he was blathering something totally idiotic or there was a sudden and very dramatic increase … Continue reading

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