Ice Cream Sandwich melts in summer heat

I just recently updated Samsung Galaxy S II with official release of Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, I am not completely satisfied with it. Main reason is that it sucks the battery like a thirsty man during summer heat. Ooops, and the bottle is empty before you even understand what happened. Previously, Galaxy S II needed … Continue reading

Oh Gee – iPad 4G is 3G

Anticipation was somewhere in stratosphere when new iPad was launched couple of weeks ago. And eventually it was released on other continents, too. Although the new super high-resolution retina display got most of the attention, one of the interesting features in new iPad was 4G data transfer. Unfortunately, technological terminology is not similar on different … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Series: Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset

I got this fancy gadget couple of days ago, and I am quite pleased with it. It goes quite well with Samsung Galaxy Tab. So what is it. Is it a handsfree? Not exactly. Is is a phone? No, it is a Bluetooth headset that looks like a pen. It has a clip just like … Continue reading

Ownership of bluetooth-watchmaker acquired in Finland

Fossil has sold their Meta Watch brand to Finnish entrepreneurs. Meta Watches use bluetooth connection to communicate with bluetooth enabled smartphone or computer. I have used Sony Ericsson MBW-150 for years and also programmed applications for it. Watches of this kind are quite handy gadgets, since you can see you emails and other communication details. … Continue reading

Apple bans Samsung

I can understand economical competition. In some respect it is healthy and kicks some speed into technological evolution. However, sometimes it gets quite ridiculous. One example is this recent case, where Apple got court order in Europe to ban the sales of certain Samsung phones and tablets. And why? Because they look too much like … Continue reading

Tablet Wars – Return of Android

I have found tablets to be very useful electronic information pads. I use them every day. Only annoying thing in them is their price. Considering that basic notebooks easily outperform tablets, it is quite ridiculous that high-end tablets cost more than a notebook. OK, they are different kind of machines, but I think about 300-400 … Continue reading

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