VirtualBox, OS X and upgrading Ubuntu guest from 11.04 to 11.10

For some time now I have been working on a shiny new MacBook Pro. Before I got it I had already made a decision to leave OS X on it and continue my research and development on Linux virtual machine. I just made an exact disk image of the disk in my Linux laptop, transformed … Continue reading

FXI Cotton Candy – Android in USB Stick

FXI, a Norwegian company is issuing an USB stick sized minicomputer called Cotton Candy, which has Android and Ubuntu installed in it. Allow me to make this very clear – it is NOT an ordinary USB memory stick with a live disc image. This stick has CPU and GPU built in. WiFi, Bluetooth, microSD slot, … Continue reading

Ubuntu upgrade troubles

Finally I had time to upgrade couple of machines from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10. I usually postpone these upgrades anyway, since it is always possible that there is some fundamental problem. If all forums and news feeds are quiet on this matter, then I assume that upgrade is basically safe. But long experience on several … Continue reading

How to convert VMWare .vmdk disk images to VirtualBox .vdi images

I just wrote step by step instructions on how to convert VMWare virtual machine disk images into VirtualBox format. You’ll have to install qemu also. Full instructions are here

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