MacBook Pro, OS X – what a piece of overpriced crap!

Last autumn I was given new tools to do my development and research. So this is what I am using now: – 17″ MacBook Pro with 8 GB of memory and upgraded Intel i7 – 2x 27″ Thunderbolt displays – Promise Pegasus RAID (4 TB) Someone may think that “hey, what a lucky guy!”. Instead, … Continue reading

With Linux nothing is impossible. Impossible only takes a bit longer than usual

I have been quite busy while perfecting our database and information system. It has been a wonderful experience showing that when you know Linux in and out, nothing seems to be impossible. Latest problem was that the label stickers we use on tubes for blood samples were not good enough (meaning that they did not … Continue reading

Windows, Samsung Kies and self-inflicted mental pain

I really hate Windows. Fortunately I do not have to use it, except occasionally. And those occasions end up to appear like worst nightmare. This time I thought to install Samsung Kies and prepare myself for upcoming update of Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2). What ensued was probably the worst day and a half of … Continue reading

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