Cut and paste

No real film editing. Sometimes you have to split a large file into smaller pieces or join several files into one big file. Basic Linux command line tools do the job. This might happen if you have to save the file temporarily on fat-filesystem which cannot handle files larger than 4 Gb.

Splitting file
You can split the file into 1G pieces with

split -b 1G

Remember that this not real video editing. Split does not understand where frame starts or ends.

Join files
You can join files with cat command. This works with video files, too. If you have several mpg-files, you can join them (one after another) with

cat videofile1.mpg videofile2.mpg videofile3.mpg > bigfile.mpg

You should be aware that timestamps will be messed up in this catenated file. If you want to put them in order, you have to go through that big file with ffmpeg.


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