Ice Cream Sandwich melts in summer heat

I just recently updated Samsung Galaxy S II with official release of Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, I am not completely satisfied with it. Main reason is that it sucks the battery like a thirsty man during summer heat. Ooops, and the bottle is empty before you even understand what happened. Previously, Galaxy S II needed … Continue reading

FXI Cotton Candy – Android in USB Stick

FXI, a Norwegian company is issuing an USB stick sized minicomputer called Cotton Candy, which has Android and Ubuntu installed in it. Allow me to make this very clear – it is NOT an ordinary USB memory stick with a live disc image. This stick has CPU and GPU built in. WiFi, Bluetooth, microSD slot, … Continue reading

Sudden drop of IQ among CEOs

I do not know if those satellites have plummeted from skies and bonked couple of CEOs, but during last days we have heard some really stupid comments. First Steve Ballmer cried out that Android is for computer scientist only. Either he was blathering something totally idiotic or there was a sudden and very dramatic increase … Continue reading

Sony LiveView – now it actually works!

I got Sony LiveView almost an year ago, but discontinued using after couple of weeks. There were just too many problems with it, then. Firmware was so buggy, that it kept dropping Bluetooth connection all the time. Also, there were not that many applications available. During spring 2011 there was a firmware update available, which … Continue reading

Tablet Wars – Return of Android

I have found tablets to be very useful electronic information pads. I use them every day. Only annoying thing in them is their price. Considering that basic notebooks easily outperform tablets, it is quite ridiculous that high-end tablets cost more than a notebook. OK, they are different kind of machines, but I think about 300-400 … Continue reading

Logitech DiNovo Mini bluetooth keyboard and Galaxy Tab

I experimented and found out that Logitech DiNovo Mini bluetooth keyboard actually works with Galaxy Tab. And it works out-of-the-box with no extra applications. It seems to default on US keyboard but otherwise it works just fine. Touchpad works and you can move arrow shaped pointer with it – just like using a mouse. Read … Continue reading

So this is Christmas…

even if it is past New Year. As a kind of late Christmas present, a benevolent soul (who wants to stay anonymous) donated a ZTE Blade for test and modification purposes. In the future I will test how it works, how it can be upgraded to Android 2.2 and play with different kernels. To keep … Continue reading

Science fiction yesterday, mundane today…

In just a few years the world has changed enormously. What was considered science fiction for common people yesterday is reality today. During 90’s even after 2000 many common people still used their paper calendars, paper to-do lists, post-it notes etc and paper address books. If you had several desktop and pocket versions of them, … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab Browsing Web

Samsung Galaxy Tab WWW Browsing

This website, only size is smaller.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Layar in action

Looking through window with Layar.  Damn, that window is smutty, but this is what Layar found in center of Turku, Finland (Suomi). In the horizon there is Turku Cathedral, and sun is just rising behind it. I used N900 and HDR Capture, but even that could not manage to shoot good picture. Since HDR Capture … Continue reading

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