Pen is mightier than… Galaxy Tab or iPad

Pen is mightier than Galaxy Tab

Pen is mightier than sword. But is it mightier than electronic pads like Galaxy Tab. Not only do they seem to be the latest craze but something that kills printed newspapers (or so they claim). They are handy, they are connected to WWW, they keep you updated to events of world as well as your … Continue reading

And now something completely different…

While everybody is fussing over Nokia N8 and its amazing camera quality, two other very interesting models have been left almost unnoticed. Nokia C7 and E7 (or more specifically C7-00 and E7-00) are two upcoming models. Both are Symbian^3 phones, and currently there is no hard evidence (except some vague promises) of MeeGo phones. C7 … Continue reading

Recharging without wires or cables

Regardless how small mobile device you have, there is always need for some additional weight. The charger. But if we are to believe what Nokia Research Center (NRC) envisions is that in the near future your devices might miraculously recharge themselves without any wires or additional dongles or gadgets. We do not talk about pocket … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab Browsing Web

Samsung Galaxy Tab WWW Browsing

This website, only size is smaller.

We are living desperate times…

Nokia must be really desparate. Recent statistics have shown, that Android and Apple took 2 top positions of smartphone market share, not to mention that they have always had bad situation in U.S handset market. So what is their answer, how do they response to this situation. They have probably held these board meetings to … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab price

Galaxy Tab should be available during October. Price is quite high, nearly 1000€, more than iPad costs. I expected it to cost more than 500€ since it is basically a 7″ Samsung Galaxy S I9000. My guess was something like 700€, approximately same or a bit less than iPad. But we’ll see, quite often these … Continue reading

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