Is Ubuntu 12.04 ready or not?

Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin was released couple of weeks ago. As usual, I never jump and upgrade my computers immediatelly, but wait for awhile if there is somekind of general problem. Having so much experience with Linux upgrades, I know that the probability of annoying surprises rises astronomically while upgrading from version to another. And … Continue reading

VirtualBox, OS X and upgrading Ubuntu guest from 11.04 to 11.10

For some time now I have been working on a shiny new MacBook Pro. Before I got it I had already made a decision to leave OS X on it and continue my research and development on Linux virtual machine. I just made an exact disk image of the disk in my Linux laptop, transformed … Continue reading

FXI Cotton Candy – Android in USB Stick

FXI, a Norwegian company is issuing an USB stick sized minicomputer called Cotton Candy, which has Android and Ubuntu installed in it. Allow me to make this very clear – it is NOT an ordinary USB memory stick with a live disc image. This stick has CPU and GPU built in. WiFi, Bluetooth, microSD slot, … Continue reading

Ubuntu upgrade troubles

Finally I had time to upgrade couple of machines from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10. I usually postpone these upgrades anyway, since it is always possible that there is some fundamental problem. If all forums and news feeds are quiet on this matter, then I assume that upgrade is basically safe. But long experience on several … Continue reading

PCI ExpressCard troubles in Ubuntu Natty 64 bit

Having troubles to get hotplugging work with PCI ExpressCards in Ubuntu Natty? I did too, but not anymore. Assuming that the card actually works (you can test this by rebooting your machine while expresscard is inserted in), it is quite easy to fix it. No kernel compile is necessary. Here is how I solved the … Continue reading

How to use Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad with Linux

As promised, I wrote some instructions on how use Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad with Linux. Article is here Getting Trackpad paired with Linux needs a little patience, just a friendly warning. It may not pair at first try. You have to force the pairing process to use ‘0000’ code instead of randomly chosen … Continue reading

Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad with Linux

Fancy having Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, but you are using Linux. If you happen to use Ubuntu 11.04 then you are in luck – they both work practically out of the box. Magic Mouse works without any tinkering at all, and all you have to do is to pair. Ubuntu 11.04 recognizes it … Continue reading

Nokia CS-19 and Ubuntu

Usb-modeswitch handles most 3G modes quite well, but unfortunately Nokia CS-19 is not included in configuration files. This means that system does not recognize it properly and the modem just does not work out of the box. Specifications for CS-19 state that Linux is supported, but that information is misleading. There are some .deb installation … Continue reading

Ubuntu Natty, Eclipse, scrollbars and sliders

Default Ubuntu Natty (11.04) uses sliders instead of permanent scrollbars. These sliders appear when they get mouse focus, otherwise they are hidden. Nice visual effect that saves some desktop space. Except they do not work with Eclipse IDE. Horizontal and vertical sliders do not appear and there are no scrollbars either. Which makes your life … Continue reading

They get smaller and smaller…

The computers, I mean. When first electronic computers could easily fill several rooms, now you can get a computer with a size factor of USB stick. Well, you cannot buy it yet, but these may come available in near future, if this Raspberry Pi project succeeds in its goal. Price? Estimate, only 25$. Although, their … Continue reading

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