Who: M.L.
What: Data Scientist, System Architect, Research Scientist (Bioinformatics, Computer Science)
Why: To predict progression of diseases based on probabilistic computer models
How: Machine learning, Statistics, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Python, PERL, Java, Octave, R, C, C++, PHP, Prolog
When: Future
Where: Linux

I am working as a head architect of a complex information system and database which is used for data acquisition and management on a large Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) research project. Currently I focus on development of a machine learning assisted decision support subsystem which will provide T1D progression models and predictions based on collected, continuously growing data set (including clinical observations and biosample analysis).

Since I am a technophile, this site contains mostly technology related stuff. Computers, programming, gadgets, mobile devices, internet. Most of this stuff has something to do with Linux or other Open Source operating systems (like Maemo/MeeGo), databases, machine learning and internet.

There are things that people have asked guidance for, things that I have experimented with etc. Now, when somebody asks “Do you know how to…” I try to put those instruction here, so that when next person asks same thing, I can say “instructions are on my website”.

You can contact me directly by email:


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