Logitech DiNovo Mini and Android

If you happen to have Logitech DiNovo Mini bluetooth keyboard and Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can use them together. I experimented with this combination and found out that at least Android 2.2 supports this miniature keyboard and touchpad. No extra applications are necessary.

Logitech DiNovo Mini

All you have to do is to pair them together, which is done in normal way. You have to activate Bluetooth on Galaxy Tab, then search for BT devices. When you see DiNovo listed, press that entry to pair Tab with it. You should see an pop-up message urging you to enter a pin code. Enter that pin code on DiNovo and press Enter button. Now they should be paired.

You should immediately see that a arrow shaped pointer appeared on the screen of Galaxy Tab. You can move it around with the touchpad. Clicking DiNovo “mouse button” when pointer is over an icon will launch that application. You can use keyboard to write text on any application. You can scroll from one workspace to another using directional arrows (FN button + touchpad). This will jump from one icon to another (from left to right) and eventually into next (or previous) workspace.

Some of the special buttons work, some do not. Volume buttons work, but not other media player buttons. Page Up and Down seems to have no effect, neither zoom buttons. Ctrl-Alt-Del combination (FN+Enter) works! It will reboot Galaxy Tab. Esc (FN+Tab) works like Return on Galaxy Tab, so you can exit from applications with it.

Keyboard layout may not match with real layout printed on DiNovo keys. It seems to match US keyboard layout.

14 Responses to “Logitech DiNovo Mini and Android”
  1. Raheel says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me if there was a way to connect the dinovo mini to my HTC desire.
    I bought the dinovo mini years ago and it’s not been of much use to me except occasional ps3 web browsing so since my Desire fits so nicely into the cover of it, it would be nice to use it as a tiny laptop!


    • technomagus says:

      I do not have HTC Desire currently, so I cannot test it. If you have updated your phone with Android 2.2 then I think it is possible. I suggest you test it by pairing DiNovo with HTC in normal manner. In my case DiNovo acted immediately as keyboard and pointing device (a cursor arrow appered on screen and you could move it with touchpad on DiNovo). I have tested this also on Samsung Galaxy S (with Android 2.2) and it works similarly. No additional software needed.

      Of course, it is possible that this does not work on HTC. It seems that each manufacturer makes their own additions on top of Android.

      If it does not work, then there are some software available on Android Market to enable bluetooth keyboards.

      • samuele citterio says:

        hy technomagus

        witch kind of program i can use to anable one my old bluetooth keyboard to my galaxy s?

        i think thgat for me is the same as a galaxy tab, but i have already try to paring this 2 hardware and don’t work…

        can you help me?



  2. Raheel says:

    HTC framework breaks the bluetooth ime support. if i use CM7 it works but i still dont get a cursor. works fine on the galaxy tab. get a cursor straight after pairing.

    • technomagus says:

      It seems that Galaxy S and Tab are above average in this matter. Many other phones do not have the necessary Bluetooth HID support, and they cannot use BT keyboard or mouse without special applications, packages etc. But this will probably change in the future.

      Combination of phone (that you can connect ot TV set or projector), pocket sized projector, bluetooth keyboard and pointing device is very handy for quick presentations.

      Also there are leather sleeves for Galaxy S and Tab which include Bluetooth keyboard.

  3. technomagus says:

    This is in response to Samuele Citterio’s post:

    With DiNovo Mini you do not need any additional software with Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab. In both cases keyboard works perfectly after pairing. DiNovo works both as a keyboard and mouse/touchpad. But with other keyboards this might not be that easy, although I suspect other keyboards should work as easily with Galaxy S and Tab.

    First of all, was the pairing itself successful or not? Can you pair the keyboard with other devices? If pairing does not work at all, then there could be something wrong in the keyboard. Pairing itself is sometimes tricky, and it varies a bit depending on hardware. With some devices you have to enter a pin code on one or both devices, other devices may not require any pin code. This also depends on Bluetooth versions.

    Also, if the keyboard is really old, it may have Bluetooth version 1.1 or lower. Galaxy S has Bluetooth 3.0. Even Bluetooth 2.0 is backwards compatible only down to Bluetooth 1.2. This means that some old Bluetooth devices might not work at all with Galaxy S.

    Even if pairing works, it is possible that Galaxy S is not compatible with it without some special application. On Android market there are couple of Bluetooth keyboard applications, but I would not recommend using them on Galaxy S, since it already has support for Bluetooth keyboard and pointing device. Some of these applications like Bluekeyboard JP, Bluetooth Keyboard Easyconnect etc. To install some of them you have to root your phone.

    Also, you have to remember that if you have only keyboard, but no pointing device, the keyboard does nothing unless you have opened some application where you can type something.

  4. Samuele says:


    Yes i can make the paring with my divice and keyboard… i can cnlonnect it but the.Bluetooth icon on my galaxy have not the two little arrow that confirm the activity… appear that my galaxy see he keyboard make the paring but don’t understand that this hardware is one keyboard..
    The problem is that i have a very hold keyboard…and i think thar i have not the Hid profile… i don’t know what is this hid profile… my old keyboard is always worked fine with symbian windows mobile and palm…but android… NOTHING!
    it was a freedom universal keyboard…
    I thin that i will buy another keyboard a a Logitech dinovo that give me 2. Good funding..i will use them as a little tablet with.my galaxy s and also witha keyboard for.my pc connected to my TV LCD…i will use.them on my sofa….
    The only problem is the.price….too…too… expensive for me….

    • technomagus says:

      According to my information those keyboards were intended for palm (symbian), blackberry and windows mobile devices, and it is Bluetooth 1.2. They can work with Linux (using HID). During 2007-2008 these models had a switch to change the profile from SPP to HID, and there should be an indicator light for that. Some devices uses SPP (Serial Port Profile) for communication between keyboard and device. SPP is basically the same as RFCOMM on Android.

      In your case the problem might be in wrong setting. Try it out if there is a switch to change this setting, and change it to HID (it is in SPP by default) and then pair it with Galaxy.

      But basic Android 2.2 lacks still lots of HID (Human Interface Device) and other external device support. Some manufacturers (like Samsung) have added them on top of basic Android on their models (like Galaxy S). But even then there is no guarantee that a certain model will work with Galaxy S.

  5. Knutars says:

    You wrote: “Enter that pin code on DiNovo”.
    What PIN code would that be?
    I tried 0000 and 1234 as suggested on my phones, but to no avail.

  6. Danielle Harmeson says:

    I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

  7. Barbra says:

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