Future of Health Monitoring and Diagnosis

To be a bit of a provocateur, I start by saying that current medical science does not differ that much of medieval. This is based on my experiences while working within medical research. I am not a MD, but data scientist, bioinformatician, mathematician and computer scientist. From my point of view, medical science seems mostly … Continue reading

Evernote – site wide password reset

Unless you have already noticed, Evernote has issued a site wide password reset as a security measure. Some suspicious activity was discovered – presumably to obtain unauthorised access to user accounts and password data – and as an pre-emptive measure passwords for every account were reset. You may notice this if you have any Evernote … Continue reading

Digital maintenance

About a month ago I purchased a 10″ Samsung Galaxy Tab with 3G data plan for my janitor, so that he can collect the consumption data of e.g. electricity and water directly into digital forms. It also helps on keeping records of all kinds of fixes done in any apartment and building, task lists of … Continue reading

PeerIndex and Klout, do they actually measure anything?

Or do they work, for that matter. PeerIndex and Klout are systems that try (and I emphasize the word – try) to measure your influence in our society, but it seems that some people have started to use it as a measure of human value. Just for the fun of it, I tried both of … Continue reading

Finnish State Railways kicks out paying customers

Finnish State Railways (Valtion Rautatiet, VR) which has a monopoly on railway traffic in Finland, started to use a new information system couple of weeks ago. This has proved to be quite a fiasco or farce, depending on the point of view. Ticket systems changed and during the first day this whole system collapsed and … Continue reading

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