Future of Health Monitoring and Diagnosis

To be a bit of a provocateur, I start by saying that current medical science does not differ that much of medieval. This is based on my experiences while working within medical research. I am not a MD, but data scientist, bioinformatician, mathematician and computer scientist. From my point of view, medical science seems mostly … Continue reading

Wohoo! Overtime milestone reached

I am just “celebrating” my 400th hour of overtime. Yes, during this year I have accumulated 400 (and growing) hours of overtime. December last year was kind of a turning point. We made a huge transition to new information and process management system that I designed and developed. As the system architect I am only … Continue reading

Ubuntu, Community and Average Consumers

In a way, this big change in Ubuntu is quite clever and may succeed in bringing Linux closer to average consumers. Adding lots of eye-candy, making it visually more appealing, easier to use and – most importantly – integrating music and software shop into Ubuntu model may attract new users. With the rise of the … Continue reading

DB2 9.1 vs 9.7

I have designed. developed and maintained a huge and complicated database (40+ schemas, several hundred tables, etc) in our research project. It was originally started on DB 9.1 where it ran very smoothly. Even with very complicated queries the performance was extremely good. For several reasons we thought that we could make a transition to … Continue reading

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