NanoX Bluetooth keyboard

Already I have written about Logitech DiNovo Mini which works very well with Android and Linux. But there are several bluetooth keyboards available in the market. NanoX is quite handy small sized bluetooth keyboard and trackpad manufactured by Prodige. This has smaller form factor than DiNovo. Compared to stylish DiNovo, this NanoX looks quite crude, but it has some handy functions which DiNovo does not have.

Package contents
Retail package contains keyboard itself, USB charging cable, bluetooth adapter, manual and driver CD. There is no bag or container for keyboard itself. Keyboard has inbuilt chargeable battery which cannot be removed. Keyboard has mini USB connector which is used to charge the keyboard battery.

NanoX Bluetooth keyboard

Keyboard works with several Android phones (Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab etc.) and also with Nokia N8. If your Ubuntu computer has a working bluetooth interface, then NanoX will work with that too. There is a bluetooth adapter included in the package, but that adapter does not work with stock Ubuntu, additional tinkering is in order. In most cases installation is simply the process of pairing the keyboard with phone or computer.

NanoX bluetooth keyboard

NanoX is a combination of keyboard and trackpad. An interesting feature in NanoX is its ability to rotate the axis of trackpad. Just press Fn+Alt and trackpad axis are rotated which means that you can hold it upwards. This is really handy during presentations since trackpad and mousebuttons are side by side.

Keyboard has inbuilt flashlight, also. This may be useful in some situations, but I would have preferred laser pointer instead.

NanoX is in some categories better than DiNovo, and inferior in some other categories. DiNovo is more stylish and looks better in your living room. DiNovo also has integrated lid cover which NanoX lacks. However NanoX is much better suited for presentations due to trackpad rotation and better mouse button positioning. Otherwise there is not much difference. Except price, of course. NanoX is usually cheaper.

5 Responses to “NanoX Bluetooth keyboard”
  1. Xian Yong says:

    hey i don’t seem to be able to find any information about this keyboard on the net. is it released yet?

    • technomagus says:

      It has been released some time ago, but it may not be available in every country. Besides, there are lots of manufacturers that put out some gizmos (and maybe only on certain geopolitical area), and you just cannot find any information about them in the Net. This has happened to me, also.

      But there seems to be many other, quite similar Bluetooth keyboards which have some information in the Net. There is e.g this Chill Innovation ( that manufactures almost similar Bluetooth keyboard.

  2. Xian Yong says:

    hey thanks for the quick info! the company seems to be in europe and unfortunately i live in singapore. but thanks anyway!

    • technomagus says:

      And funny thing is, that probably all of these are actually built in factories which are in China. At least the retail box of NanoX states that it is made in China.

  3. Maureen says:

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