Samsung Kies gets better

It has been a nice surprise to see that someone is really earning his (or hers) salary in Samsung corporation. After those desperate moments last year (trying to update firmware of Samsung Galaxy S I9000) now Kies seems to work quite smoothly. Not perfect but at least connecting and update works. I have now updated … Continue reading

Samsung Kies

After my previous rant over the Kies, I finally have managed to get Kies connect with Galaxy S and upgrade firmware. Here is the story. After the release-withdrawal of Android 2.2 for Galaxy S I thought that maybe I will wait for a while and let things settle. Now the 2.2 was available again and … Continue reading

Windows, Samsung Kies and self-inflicted mental pain

I really hate Windows. Fortunately I do not have to use it, except occasionally. And those occasions end up to appear like worst nightmare. This time I thought to install Samsung Kies and prepare myself for upcoming update of Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2). What ensued was probably the worst day and a half of … Continue reading

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