N9, to MeeGo or not, that is the question

Yesterday, there started to appear rumors in the Internet, that Nokia’s new MeeGo handset N9 could be launched very soon. This is like a showcase example of what I wrote yesterday. Rumors appear in the net, people start recommending and spreading them, and quite soon it is very hard to see what is true and … Continue reading

Nokia N900 and HDR Capture

If you use N900’s camera a lot, then you definitely should download HDR Capture application from Nokia Betalabs. Look these instructions how to install it. HDR Capture is helpful in certain situations, where light conditions are uneven, certain parts of picture are darkly lit, while others are very bright. Idea is, that HDR Capture takes … Continue reading

Nokia, Symbian, Meego… do they really know what they are doing

Everybody knows that Nokia has lost some market share in smartphones. Now I am even more skeptical about their future in smartphones. It seems that right hand does not what left hand is doing in Nokia, or how many hands there really are. During June there were news that N8 will be last Symbian phone … Continue reading

LG 47LH3000 TV, USB hack using Nokia N900

I hacked successfully LG LH3000 series TV using Nokia N900 and Irreco remote controller emulator. I discovered that one of the downloadable remotes is Service remote, which gives you access to EZ_ADJUST menus. And presto, USB, video and music features were activated. Detailed description in new Hacks section.

N900, Maemo and unbearable lightness of electronic publishing

I have used Nokia N900 for a week now, and I must say that I am impressed. Especially on how it makes it extremely easy to keep up to date on what happens, and being able to update your blog, website, twitter, facebook and whatever you happen to be using. For example I use Mastory … Continue reading

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