Ice Cream Sandwich melts in summer heat

I just recently updated Samsung Galaxy S II with official release of Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, I am not completely satisfied with it. Main reason is that it sucks the battery like a thirsty man during summer heat. Ooops, and the bottle is empty before you even understand what happened. Previously, Galaxy S II needed … Continue reading

Unbearable lightness of tablets

Well, they are light when you compare tablets weight with a pile of books, newspapers, magazines, printouts etc. And that is the main advantage of tablets… at least for me. I am totally hooked on Galaxy Tab, and I cannot imagine how I could live without it. First of all, it has a really handy … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S I9000, Android 2.3.3 and USB tethering on Ubuntu

I have already written about this on Tethering page for Galaxy, but I guess I have to repeat it here. If you upgrade Samsung Galaxy S I9000 with Android 2.3.3, then be warned that USB tethering does not work with Ubuntu. You will get bad CDC descriptors errors, and usb0 network connection is not activated. … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab Browsing Web

Samsung Galaxy Tab WWW Browsing

This website, only size is smaller.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Layar in action

Looking through window with Layar.  Damn, that window is smutty, but this is what Layar found in center of Turku, Finland (Suomi). In the horizon there is Turku Cathedral, and sun is just rising behind it. I used N900 and HDR Capture, but even that could not manage to shoot good picture. Since HDR Capture … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab Out of Box

Samsung Galaxy Tab alongside Nokia N900 and Acer Aspire 8930 with 18″ screen.

Samsung Galaxy wallpapers

Easiest way to personalize your handset is replace the boring default wallpaper with something nice. I wrote some instructions for making your own wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy S i9000. It is actually very easy, especially if you know how to crop image with an image processing tool like GIMP or Photoshop. It is also possible … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab price

Galaxy Tab should be available during October. Price is quite high, nearly 1000€, more than iPad costs. I expected it to cost more than 500€ since it is basically a 7″ Samsung Galaxy S I9000. My guess was something like 700€, approximately same or a bit less than iPad. But we’ll see, quite often these … Continue reading

Windows, Samsung Kies and self-inflicted mental pain

I really hate Windows. Fortunately I do not have to use it, except occasionally. And those occasions end up to appear like worst nightmare. This time I thought to install Samsung Kies and prepare myself for upcoming update of Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2). What ensued was probably the worst day and a half of … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab

It might be a little premature, but I already started widening my Christmas sock, so that this little beauty could fit in. Samsung Galaxy Tab is a tablet or pad device with Android 2.2 and 7″ screen. Here is a teaser video to drool at.

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