10 PRINT CHR – One line of code generates one book

Can you write a book which has its basis on just one line of BASIC code? It seems you can, and it can also be very entertaining. Such book is 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10. Yes, that is the actual name of the book. Book is available on http://10print.org under Creative Commons, and printed … Continue reading

MacBook Pro, OS X – what a piece of overpriced crap!

Last autumn I was given new tools to do my development and research. So this is what I am using now: – 17″ MacBook Pro with 8 GB of memory and upgraded Intel i7 – 2x 27″ Thunderbolt displays – Promise Pegasus RAID (4 TB) Someone may think that “hey, what a lucky guy!”. Instead, … Continue reading

Eclipse Xtend, a new way to code Java

In 10 years Eclipse has proven to be a powerful and versatile application development environment. Now even more so, since they announced a new programming language Xtend http://www.eclipse.org/Xtext/xtend/ What is extend? Actually it is not a programming language per se, but a quicker way to code Java. It removes most of the tedious noise and … Continue reading

PeerIndex and Klout, do they actually measure anything?

Or do they work, for that matter. PeerIndex and Klout are systems that try (and I emphasize the word – try) to measure your influence in our society, but it seems that some people have started to use it as a measure of human value. Just for the fun of it, I tried both of … Continue reading


PHP is mostly used in web development, but you can use for command line and GUI applications, too. For that you need PHP CLI and PHP GTK installed. Installation of PHP CLI is very easy, but PHP GTK needs a bit or work. Unfortunatelly, the installation instructions on PHP GTK project’s web page do not … Continue reading

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